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Reclaimed Wood Side Table

Reclaimed Wood Side Table

For a truly mesmerising look for your interior design plans, you cannot go much better than a reclaimed wood side table. Unique in their finish, these beautifully crafted pieces of furniture offer you beautiful textures and contrasts and will fit perfectly with most colour schemes. Up-cycled timber has character and reflects the life that it has already lived, so it is a special ingredient when it comes to furniture that has real character. A side table is perfect for a reading lamp or your favourite photos and as it will sit neatly beside the sofa, it can provide some much needed additional surface area when required, so it’s very versatile.

Our range of side tables is comprehensive and they will answer the interior designer call with ease. Whether you’re looking for a shabby chic distressed look or you’re after a calm, rustic feel, you will find the perfect answer on our website. Give your living room the look it deserves with one of our reclaimed wood side tables.

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