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Baumhaus Furniture

Baumhaus is a leading UK brand offering the highest quality furniture and cutting edge furniture design for the home and office. Since introducing the best selling Mobel Oak and Shiro Walnut ranges, they have continued to produce unrivalled designs that are both innovative yet also totally practical for the home. The Urban Chic collection for example is a completely unique and contemporary furniture range that is made with reclaimed wood. It not only offers you an ‘interior design’ look for your chosen room but it is highly affordable. Alternatively, if you want something traditional with a bit of a twist, then the Heyford, with its ‘rough sawn oak’ finish is sure to catch your eye.

Baumhaus furniture is all about affordable quality, without compromise when it comes to style and finish. From home office furniture through to children’s bedroom furniture, every single piece within this brand range offers you great value with eye-catching touches. The finish on their furniture is always exceptional and all pieces are produced from the very best, ethically sourced timbers.

Whether you are looking for chic Hipster, or you want to create a rustic rough, you will not be disappointed with the Baumhaus brand and range. And you will be especially impressed with the price!

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