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Personalised experience that meets your every need

Latest HFR News

HFR are now working in collaboration with Berriman Eaton. They are a property and letting agency who boast an extensive property portfolio within the Shropshire area.

Working together, we can now provide customers with their dream home as well as offering an endless choice of furniture in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Please inquire about this if you would like to know more and we can gladly pass on your details to Berriman Eaton, where we would join forces to give you the home you desire.

HFR were extremely professional and helpful, they had someone visit our home to discuss my requirements and came back with a wide selection of appropriate brochures where I found the type of table and chairs we’ve always wanted.

Mrs Sanders

Everyone at HFR were very friendly and prompt in getting us the TV unit we were unable to find anywhere else. They got us the unit for less than we thought possible, including a very efficient delivery included in the price. Thank you very much HFR.

Mr Hutchinson

I have spent so much time dealing with terrible delivery and customer service. HFR are a refreshing experience when purchasing furniture, I especially love how you are treated like a individual instead of just another customer. I will certainly be using them again in the future.

Mrs Yarnold

I’m so pleased with all the furniture in my new home and I can’t thank them enough for helping me get to this stage. I now recommend HFR to all my friends who are looking for their dream furniture.

Mrs Green

I was very impressed with the range of choices HFR had to offer me. They provided me will samples and brochures which helped me come to a decision. My living room now attracts lots of attention when I’m hosting guests thanks to the unique pieces I found through HFR.

Mr Stevens

A HFR representative and an interior designer came to my home after I contacted HFR with my rough requirements. They have provided more help than I could have ever imagined from a furniture company and I am now in the process of purchasing my second and third pieces!

Mrs Morrison